Alva E Tontowi


Presently biocomposite has been a favor material utilized in many applications such as in medical filed. It is biocompatible and mimics the nature of real condition. Since the composite is composed by matrix and reinforcement material, property and percent ratio of both materials play important role in determining the composite properties. This paper demonstrateshow the matrix derived from natural resources has a potential contribution in the composite. In this study, cassava starch has been selected as a raw material of bioplastic, whilst hydroxyapatite powder (HA) has been chosen as reinforcement. The composite was prepared by mixing the bioplastic with HA powder in various weight ratios at room temperature.A series test was performed to observe tensile strength and microstructure. Results show that increasing percentage of HA powder within the matrix will improve its mechanical strength. However, there was an optimum setting condition of heating temperature and mixing during preparation of bioplasticthat contributed to the composite properties. All these would be addressed in this paper.


Keywords: biocomposite, bioplastic, hydroxyapatite, starch.

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