Samin Prihatin, Marga Utama, Wiwien Andriyanti


A review on the rubber products for Sphygmomanometer (such as bladders, bulb, and tube) from irradiation vulcanization natural latex in factory scale have been done. The purpose of this review was obtained the optimum condition processing of the magnufacture, the physical and chemical properties of the rubber products . The most important chemical properties were free from nitrosamine and protein allergens. Nitrosamines can cause cancer and protein elergen can cause a skin allergy. The irradiation vulcanization natural latex could do two methods are using the electron beam machine (EBM) and the gamma ray of 60Co. The EBM method: Latex was added with normal butyl acrylate (nBA) as much as 5 phr (part hundred ratio of rubber) and potassium hydroxide as much as 0,2 phr. Latex was irradiated by using EBM with a doses of 40 kGy. The rubber film was tested by permanent set test and the characterization of functional group structure by Fourier Transform Infra Red (FTIR). The gamma ray method. The irradiated natural latex was prepared by gamma rays 60Co radiation vulcanization on natural rubber latex at the doses of 25 kGy, and 3 phr (part hundred ratio of rubber) was added by antioxidant then it was made rubber for Spygmomanometer (bladder, bulb, and tube) by coagulant dipping method. The optimum condition processing of the manufacture of rubber were the heating temperature at 90 oC, and heating time on 8 to 12 hours, then leached in 0,5 % ammonia solution. Vulcanization is the key rubber technology of the whole because this process plays a very important role in the formation physical and chemical properties of latex film. The rubber products for Spygmomanometer was tested the physical properties (tensile strength, modulus, elongation at break, hardness) and chemical properties (nitrosamine and protein allergen content). It was founded that rubber film from irradiation vulcanization by EBM have a functional group C-H, C-C, C=C and C=O. In addition, the resulting rubber film has occured the existence of cross-linking which has a value marked permanently set at 14%. Rubber for Spygmomanometer have the tensile strength : 22 MPa , modulus 500 % : 1,4 MPa, elongation at break : 1000 %, hardness : 29 Shore A, the extractable proteins content : 661 mg/g , and nitrosamine content was not detected (zero). The value of ELISA test method for absorbance of a sensitive human serum again protein allergens was zero (negative). and the response of rubber serum again skin through SPT method was zero (negative). So the rubber products from irradiation vulcanization natural latex were free from nitrosamine and protein allergens.


Keywords : Rubber products, irradiation, vulcanization, latex, nitrosamines, protein allergens.

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