Muhammad Sholeh, Supraptiningsih Supraptiningsih, Wahyu Pradana Arsitika


Tannery wastewater contain organic pollutants which are difficult to degrade biologically. Handling of these pollutants can be done by advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) such as electro-Fenton. The aim of the experiment was to obtain optimum condition for tannery wastewater treatment using electro-Fenton method. The process was done with the current variation of 1.13 A, 1.71 A, and 2.02 A, electrolysis time and stirring 0.25 h, 1 h and 2 h, and the electrode distance of 2 cm and 3 cm. The optimum operating conditions were obtained at the current strength of 1.13 A, process time of 2 h and electrode spacing of 2 cm.


Keywords: wastewater, tannery, electro-Fenton, chemical oxygen demand

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