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Fleshing waste is a one of the huge amount solid waste produced in the tanning industrial. Many research have been conducted to utilized this waste, one of those is for composting. A research of fleshing waste mixed with cow dung for composting have been performed. assisted with earth worm resulted compost which call vermicompost. optimal vermicompost resulted by ratio between cow dung and fleshing waste was 60 to 40 respectively. The vermicompost resulted was used to fertilize of the red chili (Capsicum annuum.L) plantation. The vermicompost used was variabled by 0; 10; 15 and 20 kg for every 80 cm x 400 cm of cultivated land area. Observation was done by the weight and amount of the chili red fruit resulted during 1.5 month plantation with harversting every 4 days. The research result show that optimal chili red fruit weight produsced was 3.110 kg resulted by using 10 kg of vermikompost and by 0; 15 and 20 kg of vermikompost was resulted 2.710; 2.460 and 3.025 kg of chili red fruit respectively. Whereas the number of fruit resulted was 874; 1280; 808 and 963 for using 0; 10; 15 and 20 of vermicompost respectively.


Keywords: vermocompost, waste fleshing, red chili

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